Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Encouragement through struggle 

Jackie Robinsons biggest encourager was his wife Rachel when he didn't want to go on but she saw the potential in him. This was like how when I was little and was diagnosed with dyslexia and I wanted to give up people like my mom, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Hypolie, and Mrs.Mash  they saw the potential in me and pushed me to excel in school. In life, you need encouragers that will help you get to where they know you should be. They will let you know to keep pushing and that you have more in you. I feel that if Jackie didn't have Rachel that he couldn't have done it.No person can do anything without encouragers there what makes everything go expressly in sports the fans motivate the players to play well. All people should be moderators and encouragers if we all are positive with each other then all people will succeed at what they want to do like play baseball with whites or excel in school with dyslexia. Encouragers make the world go round so lets all encourager and help all people succeed in what they want.

Standing up 

Jackie Robinson was asked to play with the whites, by a man named Ricky. Ricky was the owner slash manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers and when he decided that society was wrong and that blacks and whites were equal and should get to play together. He knew Jackie Robinson was the perfect man for the job with superior athletism while at UCLA and discipline from the army he would be perfect. Yes, he knew it would be hard but he also knew that it was the right thing and that it was worth it to do the right thing. When nobody was there for Jackie, Ricky was and he knew that one day they would break through, but they never gave up they just keep pushing. And when Jackie wanted to fight back or give up Ricky was there and keep him grounded. When the hotels wouldn't let Jackie in Ricky would just pull the hole team out and they would go somewhere else.This is how a friend should be if you don't have friends like this you need to find some because this is what will get you through the hard times.Ricky was not just an owner but a friend who supported and pushed Jackie to be the best he could be. This is why they worked so well and change the way al sports are today.If these two didn't work so well together then sports wouldn't be how they are today.

Jackie Robinson 

As a  young boy, I was the youngest of five and we lived on a farm in Cairo, Georgia where the owner took have of our crops. Also, my father left before I ever meet him.While in school I excelled in sports partially football, basketball, track, and baseball. This got me a scholarship to the Universty of California Las Angeles UCLA  for short here I was a 4 letter athlete. After college I decided to go the military and fight in world war two, I thought this would be my biggest challenge in life but boy was I wrong. My hardest challenge in life was when I was asked to play in the all-white major league team called the Brooklyn Dodgers. This, of course, didn't sit well with other players, coaches, and fans. I would be ridiculed by fans, caused by coaches, and hit by players. I had to realize that the only way to fight back was by not doing anything at all.When we would go to away games the hotel owners wouldn't let me stay with the team so sometimes I would sleep on the bus. With all this anger inside me, it was hard not to fight back, until one day my teammates started to stand up for me one by one until we were united. At first, I only had me, my wife Rachel, and Ricky the owner. But now that I had the team with me I know that we were making a change that would last forever.